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MARP Standing Rules

  1. No Member shall conduct an investigation of another Member for the purpose of presenting it to the Association in an attempt to have a Member sanctioned or removed from Membership without first securing authority by two-thirds (2/3) of the Board of Directors, which shall direct proper course.
  2. No Member may institute litigation or formal alternate dispute resolution against another Member unless the instituting Member has pursued all avenues of redress against the other Member available through the Association.
  3. All files pertinent to a complaint against a Member that is referred to the Board of Directors shall be destroyed if the complaint is dismissed as insignificant or without merit, leaving only a notation on the books of the Association that a complaint was filed, reviewed and was not well-taken.
  4. The Board of Directors is authorized to place all reasonable conditions on probation when probation is leveled for a Member to continue his or her Membership with the Association based upon a complaint against the Member.
  5. Only Voting Members in good standing with the Association shall be able to attend a Members or Directors Meeting unless a client or guest is invited to a particular meeting of the Association by a Voting Member in good standing with the Association.
  6. The Treasurer shall not accept cash, or any partial payment, for dues or fees unless prior arrangements have been made, in writing, with the Board of Directors. Any fees received for less than the full amount shall be returned to the person tendering payment. Any fees received for more than the full amount due may be applied to the amount due, with the overage returned to the person tendering payment within ten business days.
  7. Unless the By-Laws require a different, specific, form of notice, any Notice required to be given pursuant to the By-Laws of the Association shall be considered given when sent to the e-mail address provided by the person to be notified, published by the person to be notified at the time the notice is sent, or previously and regularly used to communicate with the person to be notified at the time the notice is sent.
  8. Members shall refrain from exploiting the collateral recovery industry by way of any media, such as (but not limited to) written articles, television, radio or internet/social media. Participation in any of these forms of media, with intent to harm, scandalize or cast a bad light on the industry, may be referred by a Member to the Board of Directors.

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