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Minnesota Association of Repossession Professionals, Inc.
Mission Statement

As an independent, non-profit, State trade association, engaged in non-competitive promotion of our industry, our mission is: to protect the self-help repossession industry's interests through education, best practices, and communication between members, lenders, financial regulators and lawmakers in relation to both business and legal issues faced by our members; to promote compliance with licensing requirements for our industry in MINNESOTA; and to provide a voice for our industry in the state and national arenas where the discourse affects regulatory and statutory requirements with which we must comply.

MARP Objectives:

  • To provide an opportunity for the exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas through discussion, study and communication among its members, lawmakers and the banking and financial community.
  • To promote the business of professional and compliant self-help repossession, finance adjusting services, location of persons and location of property (the "Profession").

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MARP Objectives
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